Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

GRAWITY watches are committed to protecting and respecting our user’s privacy. (“we”) are committed to protecting and respect your privacy. The present privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) together with our Terms of Use describes the way Grawity Watches stores and processes your personal data. This Privacy Policy applies to all parts of Grawity watches website.


Hosting services may vary and are always considered for the fastest possible connection worldwide on a virtual server.


The term personal data herein apply to all the personal information, identification, gender, location, date of birth, e-mail address, telephone, mobile number, IP address, payment information and all the other information you have submitted on the website. This includes your behavior on the website, your purchases you made through the website and the reactions you do to offers on the website.

Personal data such as following may include:

  • First name and surname
  • Postal address
  • E-mail address
  • Gender, date of birth
  • Country of residence, nationality, language
  • Identifying information such as username, number, and passwords
  • Purchase information
  • Payment information
  • Device ID, IP address, device type, location and location data.

Some parts of our website require that you submit your personal details and you accept that some of the websites is only accessible with your personal information properly included.


Some of your personal data will be collected by Grawity Watches and are used in our computer systems to ensure the guarantee and optimization of our services. None of the information will be sold or distributed to any third party companies or organizations.

Your personal data may be collected when you access our services and platforms. We might use them in our IT platforms in customer service-related services and Grawity Watches events. Your name and privacy will always be protected with the highest care and privacy.


The Personal Data is collected so that we can provide you with product special offers, event invitations, our services and our business partners based on the consent or other legal grounds. We won’t use your Personal Data without the permission of you in public.

We may use your Personal Data to refund, provide after-sales, service care, bank details to be able to fulfill our services and the best possible solution for quick and satisfying service of our product and services.

We collect statistical Data so that we can improve our IT-platforms and customer service and improve the response time of the website. We may use the information to adapt, improve, customize our customer service for users to assist the use of the IT-Platforms for market research and improve the IT-Platforms and the service.

Grawity Watches collects Personal Data to prevent fraud and other illegal activities as a part of the efforts to keep the website and all information secure.

Please notice that we reserve the right to verify the accuracy of the personal information when purchasing products on our website such as phone number, address, email, bank details, etc.


We will only keep your personal data for the reasonable time required to fulfill our services  to you and follow any of the legal and regulatory requirements and more exactly:

After the date of purchase or registration on our website, we generally keep the personal data for 5 years or no more time required for us to fulfill our services and products to you. Special invitations to events, our services.

Personal Data is only used in order to improve the services in our business and for your service and will be deleted over the time span of 5 years.

Data related information will be kept for the duration necessary for protecting us and yourself from any illegal activities for the duration necessary in case of the event of a legal claim but no longer than 10 years from the last processing.

When made purchases, payments or services used on the website will be kept for 10 years of the last event unless we are required by authorities to change this time by law.

At the end of these data retention periods, all of the Personal Data will be permanently or fully covered by anonymity.


You can apply to our Newsletter in the “Subscribe Newsletter” area or when registering and applying your email address click “OK” and we will send the newsletter out to your provided email address.

If you at some point no longer would like to receive our newsletter, just click the “Unsubscribe” link/button applied to the email or on your personal account deactivate the newsletter option.


Definition of cookies

We do use cookies on our website and they are saved in small files on your computer or mobile phone to improve the website for your own use and also for the improvement of functions and performance overall the website. Cookies save some information regarding your information about what you do on the website and are communicated to it IT-platforms throughout your internet connection and browser.

We do only use cookies that run while you are on our website and no permanent cookies are used.

Why cookies?

Cookies help us to improve and make sure that our website is running and available for your optimal use. As an example, the cookies will be used to remember your language and preferences about products, etc so you don’t have to place them in the cart again next time visiting the website.

By using cookies we do analyze the way our visitors use the website for improvement of use for our customers. We may log and look into how you navigate and purchase on the website etc. We do collect information about how many customers are using the website and how to create a more efficient platform.

We do use cookies for advertisement purposes. These cookies allow us to display and advertise to the areas which the people visit our website are interested in.

What is the cookies information including?

The cookies capture information about what time, location, device and operating system you use. There can be some stored information that you leave to us when visiting our website from another website. We can view if you came from social media or similar. This is to improve our traffic and use of our website.

When you have cookies activated you are given an individual ID number that stores this above information.

Cookies from third parties

Cookies on our website may also be served by a third-party service that can target products and interests towards you for more pleasant web experience.

These cookies help our partner companies to recognize when visiting other platforms. These will allow our partners to display advertising and other content that can be tailored to your interests. The cookies will stay on your computer and device for a limited amount of time or after you do not allow cookies anymore.

Cookie preferences

If you prefer to not use cookies please decline when entering the website. Please note that our cookies are only used for improvement and optimization purposes and your personal information is always taken highly care of.

You can manually turn off cookies if you configure your browser and fully block cookies from your browser. We recommend that you keep cookies on for viewing all of the information on the website and accessing the information provided by us.

If you do not allow cookies this does not block you from using the website.

Cookies in use

Google analytics standard settings for saving and optimizing with statistical data.

Facebook ds cookies show ads that are relevant to the customer and are saved up to 180 days from Facebook.

Social media cookies that are used to interact with ads and social media.

Log files

When visiting our website your cookie ID number saves your data into a file that is stored on our IT-platforms. The files are used in the above-stated areas for improvement and contain IP address, location, time and date, what pages viewed, the selecter products and purchases made and what website you originally came from before visiting our website.

Once the data is collected from the IP address the IP address is deleted and hidden for anyone to view. The information about your IP address are stored in the log files and is then only used to improve your browsing experience.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used and store information about the use of our website and platform. Usually, this information is stored and send abroad. We are a global company and therefore our servers are also located in a different part of the world separated from google analytics.

If you refuse to use the cookies o our website you can prevent all this data to be collected by installing Google Analytics browser add-on that you can find through a search engine.


Some activities through that may be linked or connected to our website have their own Private Privacy agreements and shall be considering when using these links. We take no responsibility for any other website terms and are only using links to these platforms for educational purposes or to improve the information provided throughout the platform. We recommend you to read through those Privacy Policies as well as they will not be the same as ours. The data you share to other websites Privacy Policies are not related or connected to us. The personal data you choose to share to those platforms are not viewed by us if this is not our business partners.


Keeping the personal data secure is important to us and even though we encrypt and keep your personal data as safe as possible we cannot guarantee 100% security. Grawity Watches will always do our best to keep your information safe. For our safety, any orders made over phone may be recorded to have a reference and backup data of this type of order.

Rights regarding your personal data

Under some situations, the data protection laws give you the following rights though out our IT-platform;

To be shared about the data that is being processed by us

Limit the personal data use stored by us.

To have the personal data removed for exercising the right of freedom of information.

Obtain the restriction of the processing of your Personal Data if you contest the accuracy of the Personal Data

To receive your Personal Data in a structured, commonly used and readable form such as transmitted to another controller

To take back the consent given to us at any time. This means that we will no longer continue the data processing based on this feature. Please note that any other data processing based on other legal terms is possible.

You have the rights to view the personal data being collected on legitimate interests, you have the right to object the processing of your Personal Data if grounds for this particular situation exists or the

Your request must be sent to the Controller in writing or by electronic forms to the following email:

We reserve the right for submitting any more forms to or document to verify when needed.


Grawity Watches are a Swedish based company based in Radhusgatan2b, 54130, Skovde, Sweden and can edit this page at any time.

Grawity Watches reserves the rights to modify, update, or change this Privacy Policy at any time. When the Privacy Policy is updated It takes effect as soon It’s published on our IT-platforms. Always make sure to keep a copy of this Privacy Policy in order to stay informed about the updates and review them each time visiting the website to stay fully informed about the modifications and updates.

Contact us

You can contact us on the phone or E-mail about this information about the Privacy Policy stated above.