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Our Story

The Short Story

In two apartments two friends are on a call 1700km apart, one in Switzerland, one in Sweden with one eager subject: we have to start our own company. We both had been talking about this for years and the more we talked about it the more It was obvious that If we did not start now, we where never going to get there. After twisting and turning the ideas we stopped with one fantastic view: watchmaking.

Watchmaking was a thing that ticked so many boxes for us. Watches symbolize Switzerland that Anton holds close to his heart. And mechanics and design which is one of Alexander's expertise. (There is more than this but we keep that secret for now)

We started working late nights over phone balling different solutions and researching the best manufactures to work with. We wanted the best out there and what our research found out, that the watches should be made in the Swiss Jura Arc, spot on.


In the middle of the journey Anton moved back to Sweden for working fulltime on creating the company. Alexander managing his full time job and entire vacation towards Grawity made the company kickstart. The whiteboard were covered of the view and vision of the company. We wanted the logo to communicate something luxurious, a statement of the future, Swiss expertise and precision.

Our watch company was going great. But our investments forced us to eat eggs and coffee for months. The goal was to have everything ready for a bomb to go out on social media, news, and the overall presence of the brand internationally. We did not want to focus on the national market, to begin with, since we have been a bit embarrassed. Why, you may ask?

Sweden created a great wave of skilled social media marketing with watches that ruined and created a misunderstanding about what watches, and what watchmaking is. It's the Swiss mastery of Its most fine art with a story that should be read and understood by every person that wears a watch. But first, when you understand this, you will understand what separates a cheap and well-priced watch from Grawity.

What's next? We let you decide, If you have a idea: seal it, protect it and create the next future company out there.

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